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Farm & Ranch Owners Insurance:
It is very likely that your Homeowners policy doesn’t cover the risks of owning a farm, ranch, or stable. Most policies do not cover the legal liability associated with buying, selling, breeding, boarding and training horses, which are considered business pursuits. That renders your Homeowners policy useless in terms of your equine operation.

Your current Farm-owners policy may specifically exclude horses. Many policies provided by other companies leave wide coverage gaps. They will often cover only the legal liability associated with your other livestock. There’s a chance your horses may be left out of the picture – meaning that an important part of your operation isn’t covered.

Take a look at your current insurance coverage, you may be surprised at the risks you are taking! As an individual who owns, trains, boards or breeds horses, you’ve invested significantly in your business. Unfortunately, you may be courting financial disaster. Carefully review your present farm or ranch insurance policy to discover the voids and gaps that could be in your coverage.